Moama 3hr Enduro

Its been a hectic month leading up to the race on the 15th May in Moama.  Moving house, settling in and no where near enough riding (nearly all of April off the bike.  Not really the ideal lead up to the event i really wanted to do, but at least my legs would be well rested.

We loaded the family into the team car early Saturday morning and headed up the hwy on the 3 hour drive to Moama. Its a easy drive, and soon enough we were there.

On the road


Once we checked into our awesome accommodation (2 bedroom villa with spa) I headed out the the five mile MTB course to do a quick recon of the track.

Even though i competed on the course last year, i wanted to pre-ride the course and make sure there were no surprises, and also make sure the recent heavy rain had not caused it to be a mud pit.  Once riding, memories of the enjoyment and tiredness of last years race came rushing back.  It felt great to be back here and i really like the course.  To my surprise there was only a few muddy sections, that for the most part could easily be ridden around- with the rest of the course been fast and grippy with little loose soil to force a break in traction of the rear wheel when climbing the steeper parts of the river bank.

Course recon done, headed back to the villa and enjoyed a decent meal of pasta and salad, before getting and early nights rest.

Race morning..  waking with slight nerves, i felt excited as ate a plate of nutri-grain for breakfast and jumped in the car to go out to the course.  I Signed on at registration and received same race number as last year.   The weather was balmy 15 degrees with a steady north wind.  Just warm enough not to require arm warmers.  Time to race..


A mass start with 130 other riders and we were off.. and for me, i was off to attempt to better last years 6 laps.  After the first hour i was very confident of achieving my goal, as i completed my 3rd lap at the 70 minute mark.

4th lap completed

My second lap was my fastest for the day- being only 20 minutes for the 7km loop- which was over 5 minutes faster than my best lap last year.

Spurred on by the family supporting me and handing me fresh drink bottles and gels each lap, i finished the day with seven laps completed in a time of 3hr 5 mins.  Very happy to beat last years result and keen to try my hand at another race.


The best part of this years race was having my wife and daughter at the course cheering me on and encouraging me.  Maybe i could of completed one more lap, if i hadn’t stopped each lap for encouragement hugs from my daughter and a quick chat, but having them there and enjoying the experience with them made the day.

So whats next.  Lots happening, since my return from Moama, i have ridden a lot more and also signed up with a coach to push my performance and steer me in the right direction with my training.

Motivation is high- new goals are being set, new events to enter and weekend of amazing memories with the family which you cannot put a price on.








Lock that date in

Moama, Sunday 15th May 2016. My first race goal for the year.

Last year i entered this race, my first ever mountain bike race. A massive learning curve, a great sense of achievement, and very sore logs for the next 2 days.  I loved it, it hooked me in, and made me want to get fitter and faster.

The course is set at the 5 mile MTB park in Moama, NSW – on the banks of the mighty Murray River.  The course sort of suits me, lots of peddling and not much climbing (some would call it flat -but i am fat so getting up the river banks was sometimes a struggle towards the end) As the name suggests the course is 5 miles long, which equates to around 7.5 km roughly.

Last years goals were simple. Finish the race DONE, and don’t get lapped on the first lap DONE.  I Also wanted to complete 6 laps in the 3 hours.  I managed 7 laps.. DONEechuca2

The end result was 32nd overall out of 42 starters. I was happy and cant wait to get back.

Last year i completed the race on my Scott Scale Hard tail..  and felt every bump.  This year i will be taking my new steed, the duel suspension Trek EX9.. hopefully the soft ride will make the last hour of racing more pleasant.

Also this year will be a bit different. We are going all out!  The whole support team is coming along (Wife and Daughter) who will be set up inside our own personal team gazebo.

They will be armed with lots of water and food to replenish my dwindling energy as the race laps tick over.

Last year i was so Jealous of those who had this set up, as each lap i wrestled with ever lowering water and energy supplies.. Yes i had spare food, but stopping each lap to get food from my pack made it harder each time to remount the bike and continue.  Also nothing beats getting a cheer each lap from your greatest supporters!

Big thank you to the people last year; who did not know me, but cheered me -every time i went thought the race village.  Also thanks to the lovely wife of a competitor which handed me a much needed can of coke to start the last lap.

So this year will be different..  I have done it before, and know what i struggled with, and what i need to do better.  I have had more time on the bike in summer, and training towards the event.  I’m still fat- but trying to fix that, my skills are bit better and i have a much better endurance base than last year.

Even though i am off the bike just now with dreaded MAN FLU, i will be back spinning the pedals soon and now the date is set, its only 75 days to race day – so we can now focus on what needs to be done to achieve the yet to be set goals for this years race.

In the next few posts i will outline my goals and how i intend to prepare for my first race goal for the season.  Now i just need to get rid of this flu.