Who am I?


My name is Anthony.

That’s my real name- however I am often referred to as bear. I am into riding bikes – both road and mountain bikes.
So i have become a Cycling Bear.
Not fast, not fit and definitely not your typical skinny cyclist. I don’t win races- but sometimes enter so others can win. I am just a bloke who rides bikes, and who uses riding as an escape from every day life.
This is my journey complete with action, achievements and failures.

I am on a journey to a better life, though fitness and riding bikes. I have lots of dreams and goals- some which will become reality and some which will stay dreams.

I work a desk job, i have a family, i have to pay bills.  I am not pro, I’m just a man – and man who dreams to believe that 10 years of laziness and couch driven, fast food life can be reversed and transformed into something healthier, fitter and  happier!


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