Unpublished post from 2 months ago…and today


i wrote this a few months ago, but never got round to posting it.. i guess i hit my peak, and through ill heath or poor luck this feeling continued until recently.. so here is what i wrote then, and at the end i have put a paragraph about where i am now/

Tuesday the suckiest day of the week..  Too busy and i missed writing this so here it is on Wednesday.

The last week has been great.. good work outs, weight loss results and some new personal bests.  Saturday at the You Yangs, despite waking up not in the mood, i was flying.  I felt like i had no chain, riding faster than i ever had before and being able to sustain that effort.  I’m sure part of that is due to my training the last few weeks along with weight loss, but also i think i was on “Form”  Slightly rested and ready to roll. All week i have had that feeling and it has been great.

Mountain bike you yangs
Riding mountain bike at You Yangs

5 days later however- things are different.  I believe i am no longer in form, i am a bit tired and each day the pedals feel a little harder to turn.  Today is a day off the bike which is cool, but i still  have a swim and gym session planned so its not a full day off.

I have been thinking a lot about my progression and where i am and want to go.I want adventure, i want to try something that people say “wow- you did that” i want to see new places and new things.  I still want to do some races.. but i really want to achieves some epic greatness.. I want to achieve the shit that others cant or will not attempt.  Its not about big jumps, or massive air.. its about adventure- getting of the most used trails and experiencing the world around us.  Lots of things i want to do. New Zealand, Mongolia, China and the Australian High country

Written today in JUNE

Reading back on this – wow.. i remember that weekend and that ride, i was really flying but it was pretty much the last time i felt like this.

Increasingly sore, stressed and tired- Maybe when i typed this originally there were warning signs something was amiss.  I did try push trough it and it didn’t work.  I have had to pull back and come at my riding from a different direction.  I have had some time to reflect, and looked back at what makes me happy and excites me… Interestingly i had started to touch on it at the end of my above writing.

Winter bike
Testing the bike out on gravel

I want to ride somewhere, i want to see things others don’t see, i want a sense of achievement and i’m just not so sure i want to compete..  I just want to do it for me.  I want to feel great- I want to enjoy the ride.  So having recovered from my recent heart problem, i have began my journeys..

Where and how far is yet to be decided, but that to is also part of the excitement.  a new location, new scenery- just getting out and escaping the normal.




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