Tuesday at 2pm

Gloomy and grey- its the only way to describe today in Melbourne.

Having just finished the public holiday long weekend, its back to work and dreaming of what is ahead this week. The last 3 days have been great, so it is hard to be back in the office, but that also gives me time to rest up a little before this weeks journey.

Bike packing Werribee South
Sunset at the k road cliffs Werribee South

Saturday i left home at sunset for my first bike packing experience. Very cold but good night riding the bike. Watched an amazing sunset followed by a great Moon rise (is that even a word) Got home and set my bivy up along with my sleeping gear.

All my gear worked well including my cheap Chinese saddle bag.  So this weekend i hope to go a bit further- probably will not camp out overnight but definitely stretch legs and increase the distance, if feeling good-then maybe just maybe we can sleep out under the stars


Sunday  was taken up by Mountain biking at the You Yangs with my daughter and an hour hard solo loop for me-  great day out, goo d weather and lots of laughs with my daughter.  good Father daughter time.

You Yangs
Alamby at the You Yangs

Monday- had planned to ride 50km outside, but the winter rain started to fall so i loaded up the computer with a  Spanish climb and jumped on the Kickr for a sweaty 2 hours of riding in the mountains in the comfort of home

I feel my fitness coming back quickly and that is great, but most of all my spirit for adventure-  which up till a few weeks ago was just a spark- is now a raging flame, consuming my spare moments of thought.  i find myself looking at maps and planning routes, looking at pic on the internet and wanting to ride to them.  It really is exciting.

So as i sit here at work on Tuesday, The day of the week i hate so much..i am not shitty as normal, but happy knowing i had a great weekend  and lots too look forward too this week.

Lots of mini adventures on the cards in the near future Snow trip- waterfall ride- rainforrrest- pink lakes-dessert.  All these things are within a couple of hours drive from home.



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