Overnight? I’m Keen.. Looking Forward

Back on the bike this week after nearly 4 weeks of forced recovery – after my little heart scare. That time has meant missing my goal event for the year – the “moama 3 hr Enduro”  While it is disappointing not to attend the race after putting a year of training in, i know other opportunities, dreams and challenges are just on the horizon.

I have had 4 weeks to scour youtube and websites -seeking inspiration for the fuel to fire my adventure. I have watched friends attempt rides and not finish races that i could only dream of entering.. but that has stirred me up, lying in bed at night imagining and dreaming like a child.  “Could I” “Should i”  “How can I” “that would be cool” are all thoughts i have had.  I have also had a few darker thoughts “too hard” cannot do it” I am not good/fit enough” But these always get pushed aside by the excitement of what i may be able to achieve.


I want to ride overnight, I want to go on the rides other wish they had done. I want to camp out, I want to go somewhere, I want to document my journey to amazing places through pictures, to share with others and those taken without a camera, a vision only i see..  memories that only being there in the moment and seeing with your own eyes would make you believe.  It all sounds so romantic and dreamy- a fantastic journey and a wonderful life!!

So this week i am back on the bike.  Just some small rides and slowly getting back into routine.  Riding for fun, and just stretching the legs. I have a bit of a way to go to re-gain my fitness but that’s all part of the journey.

high country adventure

Its very exciting planning and investigating where i want to go.. What is more exciting is going out overnight and coming back the next day.  I am looking forward to seeing how far i can go and which little traveled roads i can cycle.

The next 6 months i will be an explorer, testing my legs, gaining distance and go further than ever before.. I have a dream, and a few goals, but a few mini expeditions first to see how it goes and then we can go from there.  Who knows? maybe by summer this year- i will be riding (and maybe even racing in scenery like the above pics.



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