Feeling inspirational

​”Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now.”

 That is my quote of the day. I believe we are all guilty at times of giving up our dreams and goals for a short term feel good experience or purchase. 

Despite my recent setbacks my goals of been stronger,fitter,faster and a more healthy cyclist have not changed..  I write this now as I sit on the couch contemplating a bowl of ice cream and browsing wiggle for things I want but don’t need.

I believe this year I have achieved so much- and while I will not attend my goal race- I have already surpassed my expectations and what i thought was my celing of ability.

Over the next month – my goals will change, however the above mentioned goals remain firmly my number one priority.  I already have some ideas of things I would like to do.. things that will continue to test me whilst feeding my growing need for adventure.

Recovery time is a good time to reflect and reset. I refuse to look at this time as a negative thing. I need to make this time positive and keep working towards my ultimate goals and dreams.

Once I am back on the bike in late may/early June.  I plan to knock off one of my first goals- an overnight trip on the bike.. camping out and returning the next day. Nothing too hard- just a mini adventure to test the water. 

Getting the bike prepared and researching options for the trip will help keep me focussed and away from the ice cream bowl for a while. (Probably won’t stop the wiggle shopping spree though)  

Fitness – bicycles – adventure, it sounds exciting!


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