8 weeks till Moama

Work is tough at the moment and finding work/life balance is a battle.

I’m trying where I can- but I can definitely feel I’m starting to get over it.  Despite having to go to work today (Sunday) My brain is ready to tackle a new week.  I spent a couple of hours doing tasks that need to be done during the week to hopefully free up my time

I Have left the bike at work so at least I know I can ride home – or potential do Mondays session if I get a quiet hour- during the day.  If I do ride home that will force me to get up early and ride back Tuesday.. as both my work cars will be at work..  basically I’m forcing myself to do what I want-not what is demanded of me.

Most days at the moment I am feeling pretty spent.. even when I don’t ride.. but when I do after 20 mins or so I feel better—so I know its medicine.

Moama is 8 weeks away.  Can’t wait.. I am excited..

Why am I excited..  I already know I will do better than last year- but I am excited to find out how much better.  I am stronger-I am more confident- I am lighter – and I am more strong mentally.

My skills are better (despite crashing yesterday on epic on the last berm (not concentrating) I am comfortable with the bike moving around in loose sand.

March Family MTB (22 of 28)
Training in the Sandpit

I know what I am capable of, I know the pain will be there from hour 1.5-2.5…

After my recce ride the other week- I am sure I can do 9 laps and if I push just a bit harder I can get in before the 3hr cut off and set out for my 10th lap.. the ultimate goal.

Pacing is going to be so  so important.  I’m going to aim for 18.5km per hour.  This should see me arrive at the start finish line at 2hours 50 or so..

So goals..


  • 18.5km per hour average..
  • 1 bottle changeover every second lap.
  • Grab some food on the alternate second lap. Gel, bar, gel  along with a spare get taped to my top tube to consume at 2hours 15 minutes.. light the afterburners!!
  • 10 lap goal.. setting off on the 10 lap before the time cutoff.  Total time 3hours 20 mins.

By doing the above- I hope to achieve a top 20 finish.. (all the fast guys from Bendigo will be there so let’s rule out top 10 😊

So how will I achieve this.

I think the key is motivation.. this is a battle at the moment when I just want to curl up and hide from the world.. but just getting out on the bike regardless of road/mountain or with the family makes me feel better.

Werribee south beach
Looking good at the beach

Weight loss needs to continue.  5kg to go to get below the goal.  I know I could starve myself and get there quickly, but I am happy with my .5kg a week loss ad I am not having to diet to hard,, just trying eat clean.

Focus more on my sessions.  At the moment I am using riding as an escape from everything else without a heap of focus..  I know what each session entails before I do it, but sometimes a lot lately and just turn the legs without much purpose.

Bike maintenance.  I’m usually pretty good at this, but lately I have slipped a little.  Need to bring back Sunday arvo garage time for Anthony.. just me and the bikes.. a bit of music. etc.

Continue sleeping.. 1030 in the bed regardless of how I feel or what I am up too.  This has really worked the last month

So that’s about it. Some positive, some less than positive but I know what I gotta do.  The girls are being great at the moment.. so supportive and despite me spending little time with them during the week are always there for a quick chat/hug and then some fun on weekend.March Family MTB (4 of 28)

Well that’s the end of the April chapter of the book “Cycling bears monthly training bible”   😊





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