Tuesday at 2.

Lets begin with this- I hate Tuesdays, i always have.  Of all the days of the week i think Tuesday is the worst.  Nothing good can happen on a Tuesday/ Everybody knows… Monday sucks but once its over its over, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is payday and Friday is the end of the work week.  So Then what is Tuesday?

I always find Tuesdays tough..  Especially today. Still Tired from doing the Sufferfest 9 Day Tour of Sufferlandria- i awoke early to commute to work.  Rubbing salt into the wounds was the rains shower half way to work which got me just wet enough to feel uncomfortable.  A slow day at work is making the hours drag out even further until i get home.

This week, or at least the next couple of days is a rest period. 9 days of intervals in a row took its toll on my legs and i am definitely feeling fatigued.

Hell Hath No Fury. The title said it all..

A bit of a commute here and there this week along with some gentle rides and rest days, before this weekend heading to the You Yangs for a couple of hours on the mountain bike.

Really cannot wait to get back out on the mountain bike, especially after the last week indoors.  So Am i stronger for the 9 days of indoor hell?  i think so, definitely a bit lighter and a bit more stamina, and this weekend should be a good test.


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