The Journey so far

Well, as we move into 2017- it is great looking back and reflecting on what was a great year last year.

I set out to improve my fitness and enjoy my cycling more- both ambitions achieved.  I started using a coach to prescribe my training and help me fit everything in, and that has worked great.  sure there were some road bumps along the way- but in general; this really helped keep me motivated in the times i just couldn’t be arsed.

Did some races, improved my fitness and rode in some amazing places. 2016 was great.

Now its 2017- Fitness is on the improve, weight is dropping off me and i am getting faster and riding further than ever before.  Last year i knocked of my goal of 5000km ridden for the year-so this year i have doubled it and hope to see 10000km or more by 2018.

Sunset Riding in summer!

I have entered a few races this year and have plans of some long rides.  The struggle/juggle between work and training continues- however “the motivation battle” i am winning at the moment.  I have set some big goals for 2017 and with training and some dedication i should be able to achieve them.

This is the first year i am not hitting the “reset” button.. This is the year i am building on what i have already done.

And lets hope not too much of this!

Such a weird thought, as in every year past i have looked back and thought.. “i need to try harder next year”

It’s summer now, and the weather is pretty good apart from the odd hot day- so this is the time to  cement my base and get it done.

Indoors-outdoors, on the road or off road, Each day i look forward to riding. It is a great feeling to be improving, and also enjoying what i am doing.  No pressure- just a slow progression.

So whats next.  Gazeebo 3 hr night race at You Yangs next week, followed by a heap of training as i prepare for Moama in  May.  More healthy eating (i miss BBQ shapes) and a slimmer/faster Cycling Bear.




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