One day at a time..

Getting there slowly..  the fitness continues to improve. My riding has become more consistent and my legs constantly fell tired.  I feel fitter and faster- yet i haven’t really lost weight.

I can go harder for longer…oh that sounds wonderful.. and i can recover faster (every mans dream) and i can fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Each day i set about my plan and try to complete it.  It is becoming normal, which is great but sometimes a burden.  When i miss a session (usually the early morning commute) i find myself later in the day looking for a way to catch up.

Keeping consistent and achieving my training goals through winter has been tough in terms of weather. Riding in freezing cold torrential rain, to crisp frosty mornings- winter has thrown it all at me, but i survived and so did the bikes mostly- except for some bearings which have required replacement.

Armstrong Kreutz Book 4.JPG
Not me- but how it winter felt on some days..

To ensure time constraints and weather are not a excuse, i got my hands on a kickr trainer and hooked my self up with a couple of training apps, notably ZWIFT and FULLGAZ..  Both are good and simulate road riding perfectly.  Trainer sessions are no longer a drag and i almost look forward to them.

So the big question.. Am i getting faster?  The answer is most definitely yes..

It doesn’t hurt less-i just go harder and faster.The progression takes time, I have achieved so many middle goals in the last 3 months i just can believe it.  Currently spending a bit of time doing strength and hill work, which is hard work for a fat bloke like me – but it will make me stronger so i continue to give it a crack.



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