A New Motivation

Since returning to Melbourne from achieving my goals at the Moama 3 hour Enduro, i have been looking for ways to improve fitness, riding and general health along with my wavering motivation which has high peaks and very low valleys.

I am riding with new enjoyment, and while still i have a lot of work to do i am really looking forward to the next few months. Despite cool windy weather and the impending onset of winter i have managed to ride each day i have free, including some real solid sessions at the You Yangs, which i have increased my average speed to a higher level than i have achieved in the past.

So, while work has gotten quieter i have made some decisions on my riding and life in general.  I need to get back to be healthy and fit, and get the routine back in my life i enjoy so much..  I need to continue setting goals, trying to achieve them – and getting some results.

I guess you could call it dreaming to achieve.. and then making it a reality.

In April, with a friend- i completed a mountain bike skills course.  I learnt heaps and feel much better and more confident riding now.  This gave me a new focus on training and riding- and helped me to feel i want it more.

I often mention my motivation.  It can be my strength and my biggest weakness. It comes and goes depending on what my life is doing.. work/family/health.  I know it seems to be a 2 week cycle and i also know that like in the past if i can break that cycle and continue past 2 weeks it changes from motivation to determination, and continues to strengthen.

So after coming back from Moama, i felt it important to capture the happiness and excitement along with the motivation i gained from achieving my goals- so i have hit the bike hard and continued training.

I have also taken the extra step- and hired a coach to help me structure my training and keep me on a more determined path. I’m no elite athlete, but i know that having someone who knows what they are talking about and is impartial can be a big asset.

A couple of days in and all is going well- following the plan and setting goals.  Lots of different training techniques and activities which is keeping things interesting.

Part of the process is putting goals on paper..  I know my goals and what i would like to achieve and these have been listed down.. one of them is weight loss, so that means dieting as well.  So lots of big changes and new routines.

Exciting times ahead!




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