Labour day ride

Its Labour day here in Melbourne, so that means Monday off work, and an extra bit of time to ride.

We took my daughter to the Zoo in morning, walked around and had a good time.  We walked enough, that i could feel the lactic acid from yesterdays ride in each of my leg muscles.

As soon as we got in the car- the daughter was fast asleep.  My only thought then was get home as quick as possible and get on the bike.  She usually has a day time sleep for 2 hours, so that would allow me 1.5 hours of lunch time riding time.

Get home, get changed and straight out onto my local training loop.  Weather is crap with a gale forced headwind on the bike path the whole way to the trails behind 100 steps.  Once i got there it was the usual loops of the old salt flats, along with a couple of climbs up the 100 steps.  Spent a bit of time practicing the short, steep, loose climbs of the channels and going over some of the small jumps.  Fun time and just enough to get the heart rate up and flush the lactic acid of yesterdays ride from my legs.

After a bit of time there, i set off into the head wind again and back to the unsealed bike path.  This would be a tail wind, so that meant time to have a crack at one of 2 local Strava segments on this path.

End result i moved up to 5th over all on one of my favorite segments.  It is not technical apart from the extremely loose gravel.. There are a few sharp corners which require braking and then a hard acceleration.  It felt quick.. but it wasn’t till i got home i saw the result – 5th overall and only 6 seconds off the KOM time..  If only i had put in a bit more effort in the middle..

Now back home its time to do the weekly wash and re grease of the bike.  I actually enjoy doing it as it gives me time to just chill out and sink a beer (not so good for my training though) This week i will attempt to get a ride or 2 in during the week, before hitting the You Yangs again on Saturday.


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