Down, but not out!

Cough, cough..  I am struck down by the worlds worst disease – MAN FLU.

Last week, i missed out on riding because of a lack of motivation and waking up late. Maybe it was a sign last Sunday, of the imminent arrival of feeling like crap.  No power, aching body  (even though i have not done anything physical) and a general congested snotty week.  Combined with Melbourne’s changing weather (20 degrees one day 35 the next) and restless sleep – mean once again i missed 2 days of prime riding weather.

Both yesterday and today were perfect to ride.  Low 20 temperatures. Light winds and no family plans (they’re sick too -but no where, near as bad). I have missed out.

At times i have thought about it, but then i would cough- bringing up one of the monsters that had formed inside my lungs- i just know it would be a bad idea to go for a ride, and if i did, it would probably mean more time off the bike.Cold-Flu

So here i sit- on an amazing day, stalking Strava to see what my mates have been up to, while i complete this flu inspired suspension from activities.

What it has done has given me time to realize last weeks lack of motivation, wasn’t just laziness- it was a warning about what was coming.

To be honest i haven’t felt quite right for a couple of weeks, but nothing like this week. Maybe i dug too deep last time on the bike- extended the training a bit fast- or simply maybe my daughter brought home a nasty bug contracted at playgroup from somebody’s child.  She was the first one to fall ill, so i will blame her.

However i am slowly getting better and i will try to get on the bike Tuesday – if i continue to recover. I need to get back on the bike, get back training – as the date has been set for my first race for 2016.  Sitting here coughing a feeling sorry for myself isn’t going to get me fitter or faster. So….








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