Family time = no ride

Last night I set the alarm, in preparation for a awesome morning ride.
The weather forecast looked great, bike and gear all prepared.. Off to sleep I went.

This morning the alarm goes off, but I hesitate and go back to sleep for an hour.
No problem I think, but I was wrong.

I get out of bed, and am greeted by my daughter holding her shoes at the front door ready to go outside.  As I look at her standing there smiling, I know in that moment that I missed my window to escape and go for a ride.  Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with her.. But I really wanted to ride.

“Family comes first” they say, so off to the beach and playground we go. The wonderful weather was good and daughter was happy.  Afterwards we go to the Cafe to eat a donut for her and a sausage roll for me.  All the time I am secretly thinking about if it will be too warm in the afternoon to ride, and if at all I will get a chance.

It’s now 2pm, 30 degrees and I have cracked my first beer. Yes I could still go, but in reality, I am just as happy watching her play in the backyard – while I knock back a refreshing corona.  I have written off the day for riding and instead will go for the “quality time” excuse.  Once again though – I am secretly hoping today will earn me enough points to allow for a big leave pass next Saturday morning. (hint for next week, do not sleep in)


I am not a pro, I just like to ride. I am also a father and the endless smiles I see from my daughter at the beach will be remembered long after a personal best on some obscure strata segment.  I realise I am not getting any fitter sitting here, but the family is happy and that is maybe more important.

Today I am cycling bear without the cycling.. If I want to be cycling bear on the weekend I need to wake up and get on the bike. Which still leaves time for family.  Sort of like living a secret life – the riding happens when the others are not around, but I’m ok with that and family is a good excuse when motivation is lacking and just CBF.