The question Why..

Why write about my journey? As i type this i am still searching for the answer to this question. I guess there is many reasons- however the main reason is personal accountability; i mean- if i write it then i did it.  A story of my mountain bike journey, a story of too many uphill struggles and not enough down hill over enthusiasm.  Writing this, is just another kick in the ass to keep me motivated- and keep me grounded.

morning light
First light in the morning… before a big day at Buxton MTB tracks

Writing this is something to look back on later. You could call it a diary, but that is a fancy way to put it, a blog is the correct term- however i am not really  techno geek looking to conquer the internet. I am just a man, a father, who is on the wrong side of 35 yrs and definitely standing a fair bit heavier (kg) than i should be. I have a family, i have a job and i am not very fit.  Every climb hurts, but i love doing it. I have some goals, some things i want to achieve on the bike.. but i will post about them another time. For now, this post is really a published test. A test to see if typing this crap out -makes me feel more motivated.. and guess what.. it sort of forces you to reflect, and then kicks you in the backside to say.. time for bed.. we are riding on the morning…